"Guiding Community Banks into the Investment Market of the Future"

Whether you're making a presentation to potential investors, protecting yourself against undervalued share price, or simply readying yourself for the next shareholder or regulator who walks through your door, nothing helps you stay on top of things like an examination by a trusted professional.

As an industry-recognized securities analyst and appraiser, James R. Miller provides community bank managers and directors with services that enhance the competitive and capital position of their institutions, giving them the edge they need in the rapidly changing investment market.

Tailored to meet the unique needs of each institution, these services include market making, fairness opinions and valuations, mergers and acquisitions analyses, capital augmentation plans and consultations on corporate strategies.

Miller brings to the table a broad range of experience and a clear vision of where the market is headed. He leads banks into the securities market of the future, implementing service packages that produce tangible results.

Working with community banks and associated professionals throughout the industry, James serves as a buy-side analyst for a select group of private clients. He's an investment-banking specialist who has participated in dozens of transactions. And in 1998, he orchestrated an acquisition involving the highest cash premium paid to that date for a California bank of its asset size.

For banks, this is not just the dawn of a new century or a new millenium. It's the birth of a new era. Let James R. Miller help you launch into this dynamic future with the confidence and insight you need.

Capital Raising

Jim Miller has developed a fast track cooperative relationship with several underwriting firms that are both regional and national in scope to facilitate capital raises. Depending on the institutions involved the size of the raise can range from a few million dollars up to the $50 million range. Using his skills as an analyst Miller performs the initial screening of potential candidates, bringing the participating firms only the most qualified leads. If the preliminary results in the analytical scrutiny portend a favorable potential, the project is passed on to those participating firms. Inquiries of interest are invited.

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Will M&A Bounce Back

The current market status presents potential value opportunities for qualified investors. Ongoing mergers & acquisitions drive continuing de novo market share opportunities.